Citizen Science - water and soil

From now on, we will focus at something completely different, but close to the original meaning of Scientassist. Water and soil wit be investigated, starting with the pH. This is important, because it's closely related to climate change and pollution.

Have a look at our new blog. The URL is a bit weird, because the company and the orignal related blog are still owned by my son and cannot be transferred. Something similar is going on with our email and Twitter account. The email is still anrep3d's and the Twitter account got a new alias (Scientassist), but remains AnRep3D in the backgrount.

It's all about Citizen Science now!

Previous products by Scientassist

For over 30 years Scientassist has been working on innovative products.. The latest product developed by Scientassist is AnRep3D. This is a generator able to convert sets of numbers into 3D graphs. These graphs are truly three-dimensional as x, y and z size of the bar-graphs all have a meaning (unlike e.g. graphs in a spreadsheet, where only the height has a meaning). As a result a lot of ratios can be observed in a glance.

Detailed information about how to work with the generator is provided at our AnRep3D blog and our YouTube instruction videos. The generator (a Java .jar, generating html5/WebGL-files) is freely available, without any charge and even no registration is needed! It comes with examples and a complete manual. Download the free package (zip file) here or dowload the White Paper with exampled and the related set of 3D-graphs (all materials are hosted at the website of Charles Warter now).



Twitter: @anrep3d

Youtube: AnRep3D-channel

(For a long time Scientassist was owned by my son and therefore AnRep3D was used as a business name. To prevent discontinuity we will go on with the AnRep3D email address and Twitter account).

Before AnRep3D

Before AnRep3D Scientassist presented VRBI (3D scatterplots - the package is free now and still available for download). The package holds a generator (Java-application: .jar-file, an English manual (pdf) and examples of input- (plain text) and outputfiles (HTML5 format .htm-files). An exmample of such an output-file (the actual 3D-graph) can be watched and manipulated in your browser. Click here to see and manipulate it (use left-click or right-click and move mouse at the same time).

Several other products are end of life now, Some reminiscents are still available in the secret menu at Charles Warter (mostly in Dutch), who is also hosting the current Scientassist products.