What is VRBI?

Virtual Reality Business Intelligence is a powerful data visualization tool used to create 3D graphs with ease. This allows you to make advanced spatial graphs like 3D scatter plots. We call this type of data analysis Visual Mining. Use your own data to create stunning three dimensional graphs that can be tilted and manipulated in 360 degrees without limitations.

VRBI 3D graph

No limits

VRBI offers a great deal of customization and virtually unlimited amounts of objects that can be used. You can create as many or little as you need. You can add labels or change the colors as desired.

A simple Java based tool

VRBI is a Java-based JAR file so no installation is required. After downloading you can start creating graphs right away. You won’t have to deal with annoying installers or version updates. It’s that easy!


What is data visualization?

Data visualization is best described as the skill of presenting data in a graphical format. The key principle is to present data visually to make it easier to understand. This enables us to identify patterns, correlations or irregularities that might have gone unnoticed. We believe data is full of hidden insights. Using traditional methods such as tables and spreadsheets isn’t always suited for deep analysis. This allows us to gain new insights about our business which can be invaluable. Like the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Data visualization can help you:

  • Interpret information quickly

  • Identify patterns and correlations

  • Spot irregularities and emerging trends

  • Analyze events

  • Communicate information easily

Three-dimensional data visualization takes it a step further – it allows for more advanced visualizations where even more data can be analyzed at once. This technology is truly unique because it means we can inspect our graphs from every angle, with more detail, giving us better insights.

Data visualization is changing the way we analyze data. Deeper and more intelligent analysis is possible than in the past. Analysts will be able to spot patterns quicker and more accurately using 3D data visualization. We are going to have to view data completely differently – creatively and less restricted by dimensions.