About Scientassist

Scientassist is an innovative data analytics company. We exist to make complex data easy. Our approaches are based on scientific research. That is where the name Scientassist originates from: Scientific Assistance. Our company was founded over twenty years ago in 1990 by Gustav Löhlefink. He has designed a multitude of products to help people run their business better. A few examples are Zenzicht and Anacart: analytical software that was very disruptive in its time.

Since, the company has been turned over to his son Ruben Löhlefink to explore new ventures. You could say entrepreneurship runs in the family. Gustav has chosen to keep working on AnRep3D. Like the name implies it  focuses entirely on annual reports and financial figures. It offers the same kind of spatial graphs that VRBI offers – but for assets, revenues, equity, EBITDA etc.

A new strategy

Scientassist has chosen to follow a different strategy. Although what has not changed is our mission is to accelerate technological innovation when it comes to 3D data analytics. We want to become the first to successfully implement a true VR experience. In the past we have had successes with stereoscopic 3D using VRML-based generators. The problem was that it only worked on CRT-monitors, which have become obsolete. We are working hard to implement a new way of viewing graphs in VR.

Our newest creation is a Java based 3D graph-generator that helps you visualize your complex data unlike any other product on the market. Virtual Reality Business Intelligence (VRBI) is a powerful new visual mining tool to gain new insights from your pool of data. Static images are no longer, 3D will be the standard from now on. You can download VRBI and try it for free. We would love to know what you think and how we can keep improving.