Hello and welcome to this blog!

I think an introduction is appropriate since I have not introduced myself yet. My name is Ruben Löhlefink and I am the son of Gustav (Guus) Löhlefink – the creator of Scientassist. You may have been wondering what has been going on behind the scenes these past few months. The followers of the VRBI WordPress blog know that it has been quiet for a while now.

This is because the leadership of Scientassist has been handed over to me, and so has the development of VRBI. The reason for this is that Guus has a fulltime consultancy job and in his spare time he has chosen to work on AnRep3D. It’s a closely related project that focuses on financial reporting in 3D – hence the name Annual Report 3D. I recommend everyone who is interested in the technology to visit his website: https://anrep3d.com/.

A brief explanation of VRBI

For the people that have not yet experienced what VRBI is I will briefly explain it. Virtual Reality Business Intelligence – or VRBI for short – is a 3D visual mining tool. Simply put, it is a way of visualizing graphs in three dimensions instead of two. This is quite a disruptive technology for a lot of people. Especially analysts will find this product interesting since it’s designed to help the user gain new insights from their data. Unlike some other programs that offer fake 3D by adding shadows – VRBI generates graphs that are fully rotatable in 360 degrees in every direction. This allows you to view the graph from any angle. For the people that haven’t tried the demo yet, you can download it here for free.

What’s next?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s focus on the future of VRBI. I decided to take on this opportunity since I have recently graduated and acquired my Bachelor’s degree in commerce. I have been preparing myself for the role of entrepreneurship for a good few years. I have had a lot of practice and I think the time is right that I continue where Guus left off. I want to create a bigger user base and that comes with a new strategy. Scientassist will become active on relevant social media channels: LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter to promote VRBI actively.

In the coming months VRBI is going to undergo some changes to make it more user friendly. I have plans to add additional functionality as well. The next blog post will cover what exactly those changes will be, so be sure to read it. I will also gladly answer any questions via e-mail (info@scientassist.com). I encourage anyone to share this with friends or colleagues that are interested in testing a ground-breaking technology like VRBI. Be sure to let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome.