A new version update of VRBI is coming soon…

Last time I introduced myself and mentioned a major update for VRBI. I wasn’t kidding, and I’ve got the data to prove it. All jokes aside, we are currently working on some major revisions and are now ready to share the planned changes:

New logo

As an opening announcement – VRBI’s logo got an overhaul as you can see above. The old logo was made when it was still in the experimental phase. The new logo is more recognizable and reflects what VRBI stands for. But this is not the major news I was talking about.

A completely new graphical user interface is being made

The goal is to make VRBI easier to use. We understand that in its current form it can be a hassle to change settings – or even save them. That is why the next version will have a simplified and intuitive GUI.

  • Default file path

You will be able to set a default file path in the GUI. This means that you won’t have to worry about where the generator is placed. Now it will automatically be set to what you choose.

  • Load & save configuration

A much-needed option to load and save configurations will be made. This will allow you to use the same settings without having to redo them every time.

  • Language choice

You will now be able to choose the language in the user interface. You can choose between English, Dutch and German for the time being. More languages may be added in later updates.

  • Color of background and objects

For a while there has been some discussion about the appropriate background color of the graphs. Because not everyone has the same opinion (or ability to see all colors well), this will now be adjustable by simply putting in RGB or HEX values. This way all colors will be available. This also applies to the object colors as well.

Excel integration

This feature has been one of the most requested topics for a while now. Finally, we can offer you this function. VRBI can now read .xls and .xlsx files as well as .txt files. This will make sure you can read your Excel spreadsheets and generate a graph more easily.

Scaling factor

The scaling factor will no longer have to be put in manually for every variable! VRBI will automatically set this factor for the values used. This is huge news as it is not only a major obstacle for inexperienced users, it will also save a lot of time making new graphs.

Threshold indicator

This allows you to set a base number to start from (I.E. 2000-10.000 instead of 0-10.000). This is useful for large ranges as the scaling factor would reduce larger numbers more compared to small numbers. This function should prevent that from happening.

Automatic end of line marker

There will no longer be a need to set an end-of-line marker (#) at the end of the data. VRBI will now detect this and decide to stop reading data.

Error codes & help

Previously, error codes were just that – numbers without any explanation. We realize this is not user friendly, so we altered the codes to provide a proper explanation to inform you what went wrong. To assist you in fixing errors, we are also adding a help guide in the generator. This way it’s not necessary to use the manual all the time.

Keep up to date with the news

This update will be rolled out in the next few months. An official release date is not yet planned as work is still in progress, but we will first announce it on our Twitter channel so please follow Scientassist to be the first to hear it. You can help us out by sharing these blog posts so we can gain more attention.

The next blog post will cover a real-life example of a VRBI graph which the investors among us will find especially interesting. It won’t be a 3D graph however, as four dimensions will be used. You read that right, VRBI is actually capable of using four dimensions. How this works will be explained in the next post.

Before closing, I want to remind everyone to download the demo generator for free and give it a go. It would be nice if you would give us your opinion on it and tell us what you think about the upcoming update. Until next time.