To get a first impression of what VRBI graphs look like we have added some images. These graphs are examples that are also included with the demo generator. Of course, the real feeling is only achieved by using it yourself. These images can be clicked to view the real graph in your browser. This allows you to view and manipulate the actual graphs.

You can move the graphs by clicking with your left mouse button and dragging it around the screen. Mouse wheel or holding control while moving will zoom in and out. Press F5 to reset the position. When using a mobile device, you can rotate the graph with your finger and zoom by pinching. Scrolling with two fingers changes the location. Please do not hesitate to try the free demo to create some graphs using your own data.

VRBI graphs can be viewed by all modern browsers, such as: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge. Please make sure you have WebGL enabled in your settings as this is a necessity to view the graphs.

VRBI 3D graph example 1
VRBI 3D graph example 2
VRBI 3D graph example 3 claims triangle loss development triangle
VRBI image 4
VRBI 3D graph example sphere sizes
VRBI image 6