Experience what VRBI has to offer

So you are curious and want to try VRBI. You can always try our free demo. No obligations, no annoying ads, no registration required and free forever. This demo allows you to test the product before making a commitment. VRBI has a lot to offer for all types of companies. By utilizing all three dimensions you will quickly gain new and valuable insights about your business. It’s free – so what have you got to lose?

How it works

Download the complete package (ZIP-file) with the VRBI demo-generator, user manual and examples of input- and output-files here, to experiment with. This allows you to start out hassle-free. The demo-generator is almost as complete as the real one. It offers five lines of coordinates and less colors are available. The full generator can handle hundreds of data-lines. Each with x-, y-and z-coordinates and individually adjustable size, color and labels for the spheres.

We will update this demo from time to time but to ensure you have the latest version of VRBI please consider upgrading to the full version. The added functionality it offers makes it more than worth the investment. By doing so you will benefit from an early adopter discount and we will continue to offer you free upgrades for as long as you remain a client. This offer will cease to exist in the future so get it while you still can.

You may use the demo-generator for personal use without any charge for an unlimited amount of time (but you may not sell it or offer it at any fee). It is only allowed to copy the complete demo-package. If you want others to try out VRBI, please refer them to this page so they too can join the future of data visualization!